Mass payments in or to Europe

If you require to make a mass payments within EU or within Czech Republic but phisicly you located outside of Europe, it is solution for yours. If you need to make payments to many diferent suppliers, customers and want to save money, choice our wallet. Just make some calculation:

For example you need make 10 payments for 100 euro to your european friends, clients, suppliers OR recieve such payments. In this case each Swift transfer will cost atleast 20 euro + 1-1.5% of bank comissions. So in total for small transaction you will pay 200 euro and 10-15% comissions.

What we suggest? Easy top up with Swift transfer from any point of world to our wallet 1000 euro, that cost you 20 euro + 1-1.5% depend on your bank. After, make payments withing Euro area with only 0.5% OR recieve funds on your european online bank account with 0.5% and make withdrawal using Swift transfer to your country for 20 euro + 1%.

Result: with 1000 euro you will safe 180 euro and 10%  (100 euro), in total you will save 30% of funds, using our system.