How to fund

Top up of the account in maxipay wallet, at the moment, may be done in three ways:

Transfer through the SEPA transfer system. To do this, enter your wallet with your login and password, select account replenishment, login to the Internet banking of your bank and make a transfer to the details specified in your personal account. Required! Put as a comment your wallet number in the maxipay system, then your funds will be credited in the shortest possible time.

Replenishment through the Sofort system. With the help of this method the funds occur in your maxipay wallet instantly in 99% of cases. Choose Sofort recharging method, specify the amount of the replenishment and you will be redirected to the payment page of the system. Next select the country you need, go to your Internet banking and pay the needed amount. Available countries are Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland. Replenishment will take several minutes.

Refill through the banks of the Czech Republic. So far, maxipay works with 3 Czech banks: CSOB, Unicredit, Fio Banks. You can replenish your account in two ways. The first is when you manually log in to your Internet banking of one of the 3 banks mentioned above and send funds to the details specified in the replenishment section of your maxipay account for the relevant bank. The second way is automatic — you indicate the amount of replenishment, get redirected to your personal bank office, pay the amount, and the account will be replenished immediately.