Instant money transfers to Russia

Send money to the card of any Russian bank quickly and with a minimum commission. The transfer of funds to the card of the recipient takes place in just 5 minutes! And the commission of our system is as democratic as possible and is only 3.9%, without hidden additional commissions or conversion costs.

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Course: 1 EUR - 70.92 RUB
Commission: 3.9%
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Without hidden commissions!

*To a Visa/Mastercard of any Russian bank

Advantages of our system


We realized the fastest way to send funds to Russia. The money will be credited to the recipient on the card almost instantly, in some cases up to 5 minutes!


We offer a profitable course, as well as our commission is only 3.9%, without hidden additional costs. You save up to 80% compared to the services of some banks.


Our security system includes all modern technologies for maximum protection of customer funds on accounts. We are also certified by the National Bank of the Czech Republic.

Ways to recharge your account

Popular payment systems and banks to replenish accounts. Everyone will find the right

How to send money to Russia from Europe?

And so, you are in Europe and would like to send money to your friends or relatives in Russia. Naturally, you will immediately think about the services of the banks of the country where you are now. But it turns out that you need to open an account with the bank before using its services. In most cases, opening an account is chargeable in Europe. And after that you understand that such a translation is not cheap, and it's not fast yet. As a result, you will spend up to 50 EUR on opening an account as well as up to 5-8% of the transfer amount. Not counting a couple of days for all these manipulations.

You can remember about international translation systems, it would seem it is quick and convenient. But again it turns out that it is not cheap at all, you will spend 7-10% of the transfer amount on the commission.

And now we will describe the method of transferring money from Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia to Russia to relatives or friends. The payment system offers a cheap and fast way to transfer funds to Visa and Mastercard cards in Russia. To open an online account, you do not need to go anywhere. Just a couple of clicks and your Maxipay account is ready. Now let's talk about the ways of replenishment. At the moment, there are 7 ways of replenishing the account in the system. To replenish the above countries, the ideal option is SOFORT (Klarna). Also, it is possible to replenish through the branch (in cash) in any Czech bank, or from an account, SWIFT and SEPA, as quite convenient options for other European countries. For many users, the possibility of replenishing accounts with Bitcoin is also useful. After registration, simply go to the account refill section and select the appropriate method, then follow the simple instructions.

After replenishing the Maxipay account, to transfer money to the card in Russia, go to the withdrawal section of the funds and select the appropriate item. Next, enter the card number to which you wish to transfer and confirm the correctness of the entered data. In a few minutes, the funds will be credited to the specified requisites.

Register and make transfers to Russia quickly and profitably today.