Information for the press

To cover the Maxipay in online media, as well as okolotematicheskih resources, please use materials prepared press release. Please notify regarding the publication of information on address [email protected]

Rules for the use of the logo

Our logo has a basic and simplified form. The basic form is more often used on the main website, media and promotional materials about Maxipay. A simplified form when you want a smaller format logo, for example: in the mobile app, the widget or icon. Free space around the logo ensures the best visual perception and maximum impact on the viewer. No graphics, images or text should not be in the area of free field logo. Free field around the logo should be no less than 1/3 of the height of the logo. The transparency level should be not less than 50%, full white #ffffff. This use is acceptable in the signature to the draft, among the logos of other partners. Provided that Maxipay is on the same level of importance with other partners and if required by the page design. Neighboring the logo should be made with the same effect. Otherwise, use the primary colors.


Download: PSD, PNG

Corporate colors