Maxipay affiliate program

Earn money by recommending Maxipay to your friends

Earnings from each recommendation

You receive income from each client who joined the system on your recommendation. You receive 15% of the system revenue from each transaction of your referrals. The more your friends use the system, the more reward you will get.

Income without restrictions

The income of partners is not subject to any restrictions or commissions, how much you earned, so much and received.

Available statistics system

On the first day of each month, you will see a summary of the income for the previous month, for each of your referrals. You will also have access to the earnings history of the referral program Maxipay.

Partners Forever

The monetary compensation for the operations of your referrals is not limited by time. You will receive income from referral operations as long as he continues to make them.

Make money regularly

Your income will be credited to your Maxipay account before the 10th day, for the last accounting month. After that, you can immediately freely dispose of these means.

Finished materials

We have prepared promotional materials, which we recommend to use to attract referrals (blogs, personal website, forums, social networks) Download (zip 3.2MB)

Create an account

Register and start inviting friends, all information about the referral program and a special link you will find in your personal account