Complaint Procedure


This Complaint Procedure is part of the business conditions of Smart Transfer Solution Ltd., ID: 053 30 769 (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “Smart Transfer Solution”) and is published on

A complaint may be filed within the limits established by Law No. 370/2017 Coll., On Payment Systems, as amended or by other generally binding legal norms.



Customer means any person filing a complaint or complaint.


A complaint is a requirement of the Company’s liability for deficiencies in the execution of the Company’s legal relations with its client.


A complaint means a submission by a client that:
• notifies the Company about its activities or inactivity or about the behavior or behavior of its employees who, in accordance with the requirement of the client, violate its rights or legitimate interests or
• draws attention to violations of generally binding legal norms, procedures and standards, the removal of which requires the adoption of systematic, organizational, personnel, control or legal measures by the Company.
• Complaints and grievances for the purposes of a grievance procedure are also collectively referred to as “Grievances.”


Filing and processing complaints is free.
The complaint must be filed with the Company without undue delay after the client has determined the grounds for filing the complaint, but no later than the deadline established by the relevant contractual agreements and legal norms.
The complaint must be submitted in writing in the appropriate complaint form available here:
The client can use the Initiative in one of the following ways:
• by email: [email protected]
• in writing to the company: Prague — Old Town, Křižovnická 86/6, ZIP 110 00
• through an application posted on the Company’s website.
To deal with claims, a customer who is an individual must specify:
• first and last name,
• Number of birth / date of birth,
• Permanent Address,
• transaction code
• The subject matter of the claim and
• Prove any supporting documents.
To resolve claims, the client, which is a legal entity, must indicate:
• Name,
• an identification number,
• the address of the place
• transaction code
• The subject matter of the claim and
• Prove any supporting documents.
The client is obliged in his own interests to communicate as much details as possible of the declared service or behaviors that can facilitate a quick settlement of claims, including what they claim to apply, document numbers, amounts, receipts and confirmation of payment transactions, payment statements operations, etc.
If the complaint does not contain all the details, the Company is obliged to immediately require the Client to complete the filing of the complaint without undue delay. If the client does not comply with the request, the Company has the right to refuse the request in writing due to the lack of synergy.
The above rules apply to complaints.


The company must provide the client with a properly reasoned response to his complaint in writing within 15 business days from the date of receipt. In the event that the Company asks the client to complete the Complaint, the deadline for processing the Complaint is executed by the client after the Client has completed the Confirmation. If they prevent obstacles, regardless of their will, in order to respond to stimuli at that time, in the first sentence, he must inform the client at that time obstacles that prevented timely responses, and responses no later than 35 business days after the date of the complaint.
If the client is not satisfied with the processing of the complaint, he can appeal to the Company.
The appeal must include, in addition to the filing of incentives, the reason why the client believes that the Company has made the wrong decision.


A client who does not agree with the processing of his complaint may contact:
• local and de facto competent court,
• Financial arbiter or
• Czech National Bank.
If the Customer, who is a consumer (that is, an individual who is not acting during the conclusion and execution of the Contract in the course of his commercial or other business activity or in the independent exercise of his profession), considers that his complaint has not been properly considered, the Financial Arbitrator in Legerova 69, 110 00 Prague 1. More information about the Financial Arbitration can be found at
The Company’s management in the provision of payment services is the National Bank of the Czech Republic, Prikop 28, Praha 1, 115 on a 3-client can, if you disagree with the settlement of a complaint, provide the Czech National Bank with an incentive for administrative liability in accordance with Section 248 of the Law on Payment System .